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  • Christy DeLorme

An Introduction

Hello Mountaintop Childcare families and future families!

This is just our little blog post letting you all know we've created a new website! We just wanted an extra way for families to get in touch with us and grab all information they may need. On our homepage you can find both Mountaintop's mission statement and philosophy. You can also find our email, phone number, and address. Here in the announcement section you can keep up to date on all new things Mountaintop has going on. We will be posting reminders, photos, and anything else new! In the Programs and Rates section of the site you can find all information on our programs, rates, and information on free or reduced childcare opportunities. And, lastly we've got our calendar where you can see when and what activities are scheduled and what time Mountaintop is closed.

Thank you all!

-Mountain Top Childcare

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