Free or Reduced Childcare/Preschool

Mountaintop Childcare currently works with two programs to give our parents a chance at free or reduced childcare. Those programs are EVICS (Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success) and CPP (Colorado Preschool Program). Learn more below.
More information on CPP will be coming soon.


EVICS is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting families and children in the Estes Valley.

The EVICS Childcare Scholarship program provides temporary childcare and preschool tuition assistance to Estes Park families who demonstrate financial need and for whom other funding sources are not available. Applicants are first reviewed to see if they may qualify for the Colorado Childcare Assistance Program (CCAP). If they do not qualify for CCAP, EVICS will then consider applications for scholarships.

Qualifying families must live and/or work in the Park R-3 School District and use a participating licensed childcare program or home provider. 

EVICS Application

You can fill out the application below and bring it to the EVICS Office, Mountaintop Childcare, or email it to

EVICS Aplicación en Español