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What is Mountaintop?

Located in the heart of the Estes Valley, his play-based center likes to focus as much time as possible letting kids be kids! We believe play is a great way to learn necessary life skills such as communication, problem solving, and creative thinking! But that's not all we do here at Mountaintop! We like to direct our attention to the great outdoors and use skills of the wilderness to learn! Though not surrounded by forest, these kiddos get out plenty and love to spend time adventuring through nearby parks and our local recreation center. We've spent lots of time and hard-work to continue building it into a fun and safe environment for our students. We continue to improve both our center and systems to make Mountaintop a happy and healthy place for all!

Classrooms In Mountaintop

Since the time we took over in 2018, we've been looking hard to find the very best ways to accommodate all students! We found the best way to do this was to separate our large one-room-schoolhouse into two beautiful classrooms, and suddenly the Squirrel and Bear classrooms were born! At Mountaintop children must be 2.5 to 5 years-old, and potty-trained is not necessary. Take a look below to see which classroom your kiddo will end up in!


Overview of Our Squirrels Classroom

One end of Mountaintop is dedicated to the Squirrels, our 2.5 to 4 year-old classroom which focuses on basic educational skills such as ABC's, 123's, and shapes. Squirrels spend their time strengthening their motor, communication, and problem solving skills by working with their classmates and teachers to find the appropriate solution to any problem. We teach children classroom etiquette and show them how to treat friends and teachers with kindness. We spend much of our time doing hands-on craft activities as well as learning together through books, speech, and themed activities.

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Overview of Our Bears Classroom

On the other end, we have the Bears, our classroom for 4 to 5 year-olds heading into Kindergarten! Here we use our time to strengthen their communication and problem-solving skills, all while building other skills that will be necessary upon entering the formal educational system. We use bi-weekly themes to keep their educational experience fun and exciting, and are always looking for new ways to teach. All the while, we are continuing our mission of Kindergarten-prep by working with students on writing basics such as writing and introductions to mathematics.

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