Full-Day Program

Our Full-Day Program gives your children a fun and educational childcare experience! All children must be atleast 2.5 years at the time they join. The children are split into two groups during the day based on their ages. Our owls are 2.5-4 and our bears are 4-5. Our bears get a introduction into Kindergarten and our Owls get an introduction into preschool. Both groups follow a similar schedule, eating breakfast(8:30-9:00), lunch(11:30-12:00), and afternoon snack(3:30-4:00). They both do circle time, center activities, music and movement, table activities, and free play or outside time. Owls also take a nap from 1:00-3:00. Owls and Bears join after 3:00 for a fun finish to the day!


The daily rate is $40 per day per child. Application will be up shortly...